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Anxiety With A Layer of Cancer

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I suffered from anxiety from as long as I can remember. So long, I guess, that I actually thought it was normal. I tried many, many therapies from psychologists, self-help, group programs, counselling, medications, etc. Nothing seemed to work and the medications had side effects (for me) that were far worse than the anxiety symptoms themselves. THEN CAME CANCER ... Well that put me completely over the top since I already had pre-existing anxiety. After my initial diagnosis, I was lost inside my mind much of the time - so many decisions, life regrets, fear of what was to come

Hello my friend!

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Welcome to my blog! I will be getting it loaded with free content to help you have a more successful cancer journey like the one I had, without chemo. If you think you need extra support, not sure where to start, have tried things on your own or want faster results because of your current circumstances, book a free Discovery Call with me and we will find what approach will work best for you. Glad you are taking your role in your healing seriously! It makes a HUGE difference in your cancer outcome. Much love and healing, Lisa P.S.

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