Why I Coach Others

I Want Everyone In the Universe to:

  • Feel better about themselves and their lives.
  • Take an honest look at themselves and shed the weight of life’s accumulated hurts.
  • Put down the armor and let others be close. It doesn’t have to hurt. The protection costs too much.
  • Ignore any internal or external noise that makes them feel they’re not worth it.
  • Say Yes to more fun, passion, love, and acceptance of themselves and others
  • Have the tools to live an incredible life and feel in control of it.

As a coach, I get to teach others how to use the gifts of the Universe so everyone can get what they want out of life.  I feel lucky every day to have this opportunity to make so many lives better. The bonus is that energy principles work for everyone in all areas of life – relationships, health, finances, confidence, peace of mind, and everything in between.

I studied these methods when the stress in my life started showing up in my body in 2014. It was a sign from the Universe that my life was out of alignment. From the moment I had my 1st breakthrough, I knew the teachings needed to be studied and taught worldwide. As a coach, I get to fulfill my goal of helping as many people as I can feel good about themselves + their lives.

Keep your vibes high daily! It is the best thing you can do to improve your life.

Lisa 💜💚



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About Me

Lisa is an accredited life coach through the Centre for Applied Neuroscience in Toronto, Canada, where she studied positive psychology, mind-body connection, self-esteem, and stress management. 

This experience, coupled with her extensive business analysis and technology background, brings together a well-rounded approach to life coaching for the modern woman.