Change Your Thinking. Transform Your Life.

“Coaching changed everything for me …”

If you think along the lines of “I’ve always been this way”, “I wish others would change so I could be happy”, “All my time and money goes to others” or “There is nothing I can do”,  you have been giving too much of your own power away.

I have studied personal power all of my life yet never truly understood it until the day I said “NO” to chemo and started saying “YES” to a different life. I had a choice to make: Did I want to continue thinking the way I did and create dissatisfaction, dis-ease, negative relationships, jobs with no passion and a life very different than the one I truly wanted?

You choose whether you are the master of your thinking or the servant to it. If your dominant thoughts are of what you do not want, your life experience will deliver much of the same – your do not wants. The question becomes are you happy with what is showing up in your life today or is it time to finally change it?

If you are really ready to make changes and haven’t been successful before or don’t know where to start, it’s time to consider the benefits of coaching. Coaching was the one solution that completely changed my thinking (even when I was heavily triggered by a deadly cancer diagnosis) – In more ways than one coaching saved my life. 

It took a lifetime to get where you are today. But there does come a time when your need to change becomes BIGGER than your need to stay where you are. You will feel strong resistance to change but you will learn to soothe what holds you back and keep moving forward. If you are just awakening to your deep need for life change, pay attention to it. That urge will not go away. It is your true life calling. Nothing changes unless you do.

Start where you are. Things are about to be different.


A coach is someone you connect with and learn to trust in order to understand why your life is the way it is, to define what a life you love looks like and to take guided steps to create that life. You may be feeling stuck, out of alignment with the life you have instead of the one you want or you may not even know what it is you truly want. Coaching will create clarity.

A coach meets you at the place you are in your life and helps you define where you are going and expertly guides you to keep moving forward. Being seen and heard by someone with no judgement, no limiting beliefs about you and complete acceptance, is very powerful and profound.

A coach leads the way to the greatest life success in the least amount of time. It requires regular sessions, self exploration between sessions and a commitment between coach and client to do what it takes for you to move forward. You will celebrate your victories (there will be many) and reframe your setbacks.

Change can be be exciting and uplifting but can also be scary and unfamiliar. All is fine while you do not venture outside your comfort zone. Once you do, the discomfort starts. That’s when most people back down from change. The ego loves that. A coach will soothe this discomfort with encouragement, understanding and the truth of who you really are. You will feel safe to continue where you would normally stop. You will begin to view your world and personal power totally differently as your desired results start showing up.

I used coaching extensively in my journey back to health without chemo. Most importantly, it changed my way of thinking and my ability to create the life I really wanted regardless of circumstances. There is nothing more powerful than being the master of your own life.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Take you much further than you would go on your own
  • Clarity on what you want and do not want in your life
  • Proven tools and techniques that keep you moving forward
  • Personal trust in yourself to create the results you want in your life
  • Accountability for change to someone besides yourself
  • Lifelong tools to adjust and thrive as life changes
  • Regular support during and between coaching sessions
  • Faster results with expert knowledge and a customized plan based on your needs


As a perfectionist and worrier, cancer rocked my world completely! I was a nurse and knew that the negative thinking, anxiety and worry about the future were affecting me everyday. They were making my life much harder than it needed to be.
After working with Lisa, I learned that I was in control of my experience in all areas of my life. I needed to change my way of thinking, to pay attention to my feelings and to take deliberate steps to get to a life I really wanted. That felt so powerful!
Today, I feel the best I have in my life and am excited for what is to come! This would not have happened without Lisa’s insight, the accountability and encouragement she gave me as a coach and the critical life tools I was never taught. I am now in a happy place  – a life finally defined by me.
Thank you Lisa!
Zohreh Taghipour