Take Charge of Your Life!

“I Want My Life To Change”

We all have moments when we feel this. We often live as overwhelmed, distracted, disconnected, dissatisfied versions of ourselves. We end up last on our never ending to-do lists and think we are doing our best.

The truth is our best lives come from within. We have infinite possibilities and universal support available to us.

For some people, that realization never comes. Others start feeling there is something more to life but are not sure what to do and some have such discontent that they cannot wait any longer. For me, my wakeup call came in the form of dis-ease but it can come in many forms. 

My journey to a High Vibration Life started here. The results were such a 180° change in every area of my life, that I wanted to share my methods with others. It turned out that so many people were searching for what was missing in their lives and didn’t know how to get there. 

Today, I help others take charge of their personal and professional lives – to create lives full of love, dreams, abundance, health, excitement, peace of mind and complete trust in oneself and the Universe. 

Know that you are not waiting for the good to show up in your life. The good is simply waiting for you to learn to let it in. Let’s open up the floodgates.  

Are You Ready To …

  • live a way that lights you up
  • control your personal and professional life with ease
  • be the deliberate creator of your own life experience
  • have the time to do what is important to you
  • value yourself and your rightful place in the world
  • feel free of worry, comparisons, perfectionism and self-defeating beliefs
  • give your best to others by giving the best to yourself
  • have abundance in all areas of your life
  • show up excited, full of life, love, passion and wisdom everyday
  • make this your new way of life that lasts

Inside of us we hold infinite possibilities. This self-discovery brings freedom, inner peace with yourself and the world and your absolute highest personal potential.


“As a perfectionist and worrier, cancer rocked my world completely. After working with Lisa, I learned that I had more control over my life than I ever imagined. The evidence was showing up everywhere.
Today, I feel the best I have in my life. This would not have happened without Lisa’s insight, the accountability and encouragement she gave me as a coach and the critical life tools I was never taught. I am now in a happy place  – a life finally defined by me. Thank you Lisa.”
Zohreh Taghipour