Stop Being So Hard On Yourself. You Deserve It All!

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“Are you Ready for a Life Changer?”

Do you often dream of what your life was “supposed” to be like or could have been? Do you know that life can be different -fulfilling, relaxing, fortunate, and fun, but are not sure how to achieve that or even where to start? Are you looking for results that last longer than that one-day workshop, the latest quick hit self-help book, or the once-a-month appointment that never seems quite enough to get the momentum you need?

Life only gets better when you deliberately increase the positive energy in and around you and decrease the negative energy that only you can “allow in”. Focusing on your Higher Self or the guiding spirit within, is the easiest and most fulfilling way to get the life that you truly want. It is as nature intended. We have the tools we need for a successful life already built in but many of us have lost that User Guide!

Mastering a practice of healthy positive thinking instead of buying into the negativity that surrounds you, will change the trajectory of your life forever. For many people, negative thinking has become a more default way of thinking that severely impacts the outcomes in their lives – including their relationships, mental and physical health, abundance, job satisfaction and growth, and the list goes on.

Negative thinking impacts everything. If you wonder why your life is the way it is, observe your thinking for even an hour to see what energy you send out into the world. (Write down your thoughts to have a more objective view.) Your current life circumstances absolutely reflect the dominant energy you send out. The universal principle of Like Attracts Like is always working just like the Law of Gravity. Changing what you send out, changes what comes back. Therein lies the most incredible opportunity to deliberately send out more positive energy, soothe negative energy and triggers and take control back of your life.

“The Magic of a Positive Energy Life”

The Truth About You is: You are a powerful creator and have a Higher Self (or spirit) that you were born with for unlimited guidance and support. It is your greatest ally in life. It knows you best – even better than you think you know yourself. It doesn’t view you through your lens of faulty beliefs, past experiences, self criticism, and over-thinking. Your spirit knows the truth and potential of you – who you came into this world to be. Want to see an example of pure positive connection to spirit? Look at children – their curiosity, love of fun, innocence and live in the moment attitudes. As adults, we look to them in awe. Many of us have traded that spiritual connection for extreme busyness, judgement, giving too much to others, and even questioning our own worth. Know that you have infinite possibilities waiting for you, unique gifts, called passions, that you cannot deny, a built-in spirit that guides you, and the moment-to-moment support of the universe in orchestrating it all. You simply need to work with your natural positive energy not against it but how do you do that?

Energy principles were never taught in school or even talked about in most families. You may have learned about profound energy thinkers like Einstein from a scientific perspective but not from a daily living one, where the rubber meets the road. Without this knowledge, it is challenging to keep your positive energy high, get the things you want, keep the negativity out, keep your body and mind healthy, be successful, and live in joy with yourself and others.

This is where focused coaching can change your life direction, especially if you have tried other approaches that just have not gotten you to that sweet spot where life just feels good all around. Coaching works – plain and simple. We all deserve and are completely able to have every abundance – if we are open to it. Learn to take advantage of that power and guidance within to get the life you have wanted and waited long enough for.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Albert Einstein

You Will Learn to ...

  • take back control of your life in simple, easy-to-do, highly successful steps.

  • build-up your (and your family's) emotional and mental resilience.

  • stop being so hard on yourself and build up your self-love (which also builds your self confidence).

  • improve your relationships and enjoyment at home and at work.

  • be more present in your life. Stop and smell the roses. It makes you more effective in all you do.

  • be excited about life again! It's fun. Learn how a positive life attracts the love, people, experiences, opportunities and abundance you have been asking for.


Life Areas are the different areas of a person’s life that are important to them. They are what make up You!

To find out your current life satisfaction, ask yourself these 4 questions:

Q1. What are your personal life areas (most important things)?

Q2. Do you spend time on them regularly in a way that feels good to you?

Q3. How would you rate your satisfaction (from 1 to 10) in each of your areas?

Q4. What would change in your life if your most important area became a 9 or 10?

These answers are the start of building what is called a current life inventory: noticing what is working, identifying important areas that need attention, and realizing the gaps in what you do each day vs what you value. Misalignments in how you spend your time and what you truly value, can start showing up as problems in your body, relationships, work/life balance, personal satisfaction – essentially everywhere. The great news is you can learn to draw a line in the sand today and move forward from here. Each day is a fresh start but so is each moment. We start changing the moment we make that choice to move forward. Even doing this exercise is a strong 1st step!

Sample Life Areas to Evaluate (or use your own)





Work / Life Balance


Self Love




Declutter Your Mind


To move forward, you need to make the 1st deliberate step – that is simply deciding your life is worth it for yourself and those around you. The 2nd step is determining how you will do things differently and what supports you need for change to be successful, integrated into your daily living, and long lasting. If you are considering personal coaching, I would love the opportunity to discuss your needs. You are your greatest investment.

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Lisa is a wonderful, kind hearted coach who kept me moving forward through some challenging times. especially during COVID. Lisa kept me focused on what I really wanted. This lead me to choosing a new career and it was the best decision I ever made. I also got married and had a child! I am so happy and grateful for my new life. 💗 Thank you Lisa!
Michelle Sallaby, England
There’s no need to respond. I’ve got this, I’ve got the soothing language set out. I understand so many things so clearly now. And I know that this is energy feedback, and that it has momentum. I can see things so accurately now. The program is working. I’m doing my deep work, dark side stuff too. And this is the breakthrough that needed to happen. Change comes from me, right?
C. Heigan, South Africa,
As a perfectionist and worrier, cancer rocked my world completely! I was a nurse and knew that the negativity, anxiety and intense fear were not helping me heal - they were making it harder!
After working with Lisa, I learned that there was so much I could do to help myself, if I were willing.
Today, I feel the healthiest physically, mentally and spiritually than I have in my life! I know this wouldn't have happened without Lisa navigating me through.
Zohreh Taghipour, Canada
I came to Lisa because I felt disillusioned and dissatisfied with who I was and what I had or had not achieved. In a very short period of time, she showed me how to get out of my own way! With her insightful guidance, I regained perspective of my life, clearly defined what I value, and began the work of building the confidence and self-love I need to pursue my goals and dreams.
Kelly-Anne M., Canada