📌 Today’s Activity: Value of Triggers
Triggered by others? I wasn’t going to start posts about outside influences until after you had time to focus and get strong in self awareness. I had a highly triggering event yesterday and in my efforts to soothe myself, I realized how much being triggered by someone, a situation, basically anything that comes into your life experience is one of the Highest Form of Self Awareness.💡💡💡

🔍If you are willing to look at an interaction with someone that hurt, angered, or triggered you in some way, you need to learn to get objective about it. Use it as a lesson. So how is it that you do that?

Now this takes you to be willing to be objective. You may want to start on a small thing that irritates, frustrates you or takes you to some other Low Vibe Feeling. Whatever you choose, be exploratory but gentle.
  1. Identify the exact things that triggered you about what they said or did (Look for your judgments such as I would never do that, why is this person being so bad to me, how can they think that way, etc.)
  2. Ask yourself was there ever a time that you judged others for the same thing – especially judgments you don’t think you make anymore or have worked on. Be honest about this.
    (Physical Appearance, Men are …, Women are …, parenting, he/she has it all – why don’t I, intelligence, keeping up with the Joneses, comparing yourself to others, competition, thinking others are talking about you, etc. These can be life long faulty beliefs. Beliefs are automatic. They are our defaults and live under the covers without us really realizing they are there and are playing havoc with our lives. They take awareness and practice to override.)
  3. Soften the perspective that the other person “did” this to you by seeing it as a message to you instead.
This is the revised self talk:
  • Fill in the blank _______ still triggers me.
  • This interaction is a reflection of my trigger points (my vibration meeting theirs)
  • Thank you (not out loud 😊 ) for pointing it out.
  • This message gives me great insight and room for growth. I didn’t see the reflection of me in your actions.
  • I have more work to do in this area to soothe the faulty beliefs.
This does not excuse bad behaviour as we each have our own demons we carry around and people’s behaviour is way more about themselves than it will ever be you. There are incredible gifts 🎁and this perspective takes the sting out.
This is a key learning to turn your perspective around when triggered by others or outside influences. You may not be able to do this immediately as I do believe that it is ok to feel your feelings. Just don’t stay down long as it brings your vibration down. We want our dominant vibration (way we feel) to be high every day. Raising our vibration and keeping it high as long as possible is what keeps the good stuff in life coming to us consistently. It is our attraction point for life experiences.

Judgment: Low Vibe

Soothing and Self-Compassion: High Vibe

You choose.

Enjoy the day.
Lisa 💜