I started studying my personal energy back in 2014 when I was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer and wanted to do all I could to save my life and not just my physical body. Dis-ease was a symptom of how I was living my life. I was scared beyond belief but always knew the power we have within – I just didn’t know how to access it and make using it a part of my daily life (especially, in what I felt, were dire life circumstances). Now, I know that current life circumstances do not matter.
Here is a sample experiment from the E-Squared book by Pam Grout that really started me trusting in the power of our own personal energy. Pam Grout’s book is an excellent introduction to energy principles and the experiments absolutely prove the influence we have on ourselves and the things around us. I cannot explain the level of trust it gave to me when I really needed to trust I could change what was showing up in my life.
The basic premise is to plant green beans in the exact same conditions in an egg carton. To love and nurture the left side while being mean to the right side (I basically just ignored as I was very conscious of any negativity).
The result (and I had my moments of doubting that I needed to soothe), the left side had fuller leaves. more stems and one even reached the top of the window!
This is the power of our energy at work. All is well with my health (without chemo) and I live my life honouring my energy by staying positive, checking in with how I feel regularly, having tools for recognizing stress early and soothing it and for keeping external situations, other people and faulty beliefs from affecting my happiness.
And yes, keeping our minds strong translates to our bodies being strong. Our minds are running the show of life. Are you operating with a trained or untrained mind? The answer is in what is showing up in your current life experience. The good news is that we all have the power to change.
Start that personal journey. There are endless resources to guide you and specialized coaches if you want intensive, customized help. Find your way, elevate yourself and others, and live life by your rules again. First step: Know Yourself