I lived a long time in the wounded woman category. I wore my hardships like a badge of honour. My story was of my challenges, overcoming them and the scars they left behind. I’ve been there … and stayed long past my time.

I was wounded and did I ever own it!

It is from that place of wounded that I moved to awakened – by deliberately taking action every day to empower myself. Simple things like becoming aware of how I feel, digging into my “beliefs” that kept me stuck and tearing down the walls I built with my own hands. The key is to deliberately do a little something self-supporting every single day.

1) Are you a wounded or awakened woman? (If you are wounded, please read on. If you are awakened, congrats! It is an incredible place to be and is attainable for all!)

2) What are you getting from a wounded role that is worth staying stuck?

3) What would change if you were empowered to live an awakened life? (Little Hint: absolutely everything!)

4) Are you willing to stop telling your old story? Stop speaking about it? Stop identifying with it?

Stop holding yourself back because you have lived this way so long. It’s time to create a new story of triumph, going after our dreams, loving ourselves the way we do others and having courage in fear because our lives are worth it!

Things can and will change when you allow it.