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“I love helping cancer patients change their lifestyles and thinking, become healthy again and rebuild new lives they love! My personal success without chemo speaks to how things can change even once disease has shown up.” ~ Lisa Hall

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Do you feel like the way you live your life is making you sick? Maybe you are even genetically predisposed. Stress, constant busyness and putting yourself last are breeding grounds for disease. Until I was diagnosed, I thought I would live forever. Little did I know I was slowly poisoning myself with my own thoughts and lifestyle. Thankfully, I got help. If you realize that need help with change, you are one step ahead of most people.  Getting back the life you want and staying healthy for life is the focus of this program.

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Holistic cancer treatment


Although there may be many people around, you may feel quite alone. After all, this is YOUR body. It is a challenge to find a peaceful place when you are afraid, so the out of control feelings and fear are really important to work on at this stage. It was the biggest gift I gave to myself to be coached masterfully through the experience. In this program,  you focus on what you can do to optimize healing. Believe me, a body in fear is chemically different than a body at ease. Make it easier on yourself. I had such a successful outcome refusing chemo because I finally got serious about the life I wanted.

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Natural Cancer Support


The year after cancer or any life changing event is the hardest of all. The dust is settling. You may feel you are expected to return to life like nothing has happened but EVERYTHING has changed – health, relationships, work, self-image, dreams. These changes need to be integrated into your “New Life”. I knew I needed to put the pieces back together differently this time. You choose to struggle or thrive. The focus of this program is putting things back together the way YOU define them.

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As a perfectionist and worrier, cancer rocked my world completely! I was beyond scared. I was a nurse and knew that the negativity, anxiety and intense fear were not helping my body heal – they were making it harder!
After working with Lisa, I learned that there was so much I could do to help myself, if I were willing. I needed emotional relief and easy to implement lifestyle changes if I was going to have the best cancer outcome I could!  I got exactly what I needed.
Today, even my medical tests (i.e. MUGA scan for my heart) are better than before my chemo. I couldn’t believe it! I feel the healthiest physically, mentally and spiritually than I have in my life! I don’t know if this would have happened without Lisa navigating me through.
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