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Hi, I’m Lisa. Nice to meet you.

My passion has always been personal development since I was a young girl. Although I studied it, I never really lived it. I had worked in computer science for 20 years and was, what I thought, a normally stressed person. Wasn’t everyone in this rat race and who had time to spend on themselves (Isn’t that selfish anyways?).

I never gave much attention to my health. I made the foolish assumption that it would just take care of itself. Moreover, I had great genes: my parents were still going strong in their late 80’s. Boy, was I wrong. With a deadly cancer diagnosis, I was forced to make serious life changes quickly – both physically and mentally. 

Was it hard to change lifelong patterns of thinking, reduce fear in one of the scariest times of my life and actually get my body to a calm place for optimal healing? Absolutely! But so worth it. That calmness spreads to every area of your life.

The relief I found was so life changing that I now personally coach people who are ready to move to the next level in their lives. 

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.”


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